Can I have a dedicated / static IP address with my AuthSMTP account?

Yes - we provide a dedicated static IP address to all AuthSMTP 25 accounts and above.

Static / dedicated IP addresses can help with deliverability or where you have extra security / firewall in place and need to know the exact IP address your emails will be sent from. They are added automatically and at no extra cost to accounts AuthSMTP 25 or larger.


  • If your account is assigned a static IP address, all of the emails that you send will go out from that specific IP address - it will not be shared with any other users.
  • A static IP address does not mean it could never change - but it would be unlikely to change or would not change frequently.
  • Where an account is allocated a dedicated IP address - if that account is below AuthSMTP 25, is not renewed or is downgraded below AuthSMTP 25 that IP address may be removed from the account without notice.

If you are looking for a static IP address to send your emails TO instead of using '' please see - Can I connect to the IP address of your server?

If you have any questions please contact us.