Do you offer shorter term or monthly billing accounts?


For new accounts we generally only offer annual billing - see our AuthSMTP Service Pricing page for package information.

If you are unsure what package you are going to need and do not want to over commit then you can signup for one of the base accounts for 1 year and then upgrade your account as and when your requirements increase - our control panel provides live quota usage figures and an automated upgrade function that will allow you to instantly increase your quota limit at any time.


After your initial annual period, we offer the following shorter billing periods:

Renewal Periods
Account Level 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year
AuthSMTP 1-9 Yes Yes Yes Yes
AuthSMTP 10-45 Yes Yes Yes Yes
AuthSMTP 50-245 Yes Yes Yes Yes
AuthSMTP 250+ Yes Yes Yes Yes

The renewal options will automatically become available in the control panel when your account is due for renewal.